Can Role Playing Count as Cheating?

If you’re new to the world of online role playing and fictional writing, or end up dating someone already enmeshed in it, this sort of question is bound to crop up every now and again. Whether it’s because of something you are doing or because of something she is, the answer, as with most things, depends mainly on the context of the question. When it comes to role playing in particular, it won’t always be as straight forward as being caught on the best cheater website around. Often, it is best to frame the question as she would pose it to you with her concerns and perspective weighed in just so you know how to best approach it when she inevitably asks. If you don’t take into account how things may look to an outsider, you are bound to fail in any attempt to explain or properly evaluate your behavior.

Does She Understand What Role Playing Is?

“She know about role-playing”

This is the easiest place to start any question of infidelity through role playing. As a general rule, people who don’t participate in role playing games, scenarios and writing have a harder time understanding the parameters of the relationship you have with your fellow role players. You can expect double the emphasis on miscommunication and possible assumptions if you ever get involved in erotic scenarios with your characters. This is true regardless of how long you have been doing this and how invested you were in whatever scenario or partner you’ve been working with prior to hooking up with her. In the end, it depends more strongly on her understanding of what’s going on and how it does or does not affect your relationship with her than how things have always been for you. Keeping this in mind it the easiest way to remember that, at first glance, catching sight of erotic or otherwise very intimate role play logs may be no different to her than see you browsing You can check rating at and find out whether it is a legit site or not.

“She loves vampires”

The best thing to do if role playing is something you have been doing for a while prior to meeting her is to be up front with it in the first place. While you may not consider it as important as, say, warning about crazy ex-girlfriends or overly invested family members, that is because you are used to it. If she isn’t, probably her only experience with the term has something to do with sex or group therapy. Neither of which is exactly the image you want to portray when it comes to keeping things straight between you, her, and your hobbies. This is particularly true in the case of erotic role playing scenarios that you write out with an online partner. In most cases this isn’t going to be much different than doing a search for the best cheater website in front of her and then wondering why she’s getting mad with you. A lot of women who aren’t familiar with the world of online role play either in video games or text simply see something like that and take it to mean there’s something wrong with your sex life or you’re just straight up cheating on her.

It’s best to cut this off at the pass by bringing up your hobby fairly early on in your relationship. You don’t need to be blunt about the frequency of the erotic scenes from the get go, but introducing the concept of role playing as something more involve than just choosing a class in an MMO or playing out a sexual fantasy in person is a good start. Show her where you usually write, whether it’s in a game, on a blog, or over email, and introduce her to some of the less risqu aspects of the story telling. Show her background you wrote up for your character, descriptions, fanart. Tell her a little about the storyline you’re involved in at the time and how interesting or flat it is to you and gauge her reaction. If you’re lucky, she might even get interested in it. If not, hey, you told her about it and maybe even introduced her to your role play partner or group, so it’s not like she can say you were hiding anything down the line.

Can You Separate In Character from Out of Character? Are You?

“You can play the role of a plumber”

One of the places things start to get hazy is the in character versus out of character interaction between you and the people you are role playing with. Always be sure that you keep the two completely separate as much as possible, because this is where people end up in the most trouble. Flirting with and role play partner is different than having your character flirt with their character. If your partner is showing interest in you specifically, or any signs that she can’t differentiate between the two, it may be worth backing off for a while or attempting to talk with her about it. If you are involved, returning a flirt player to player might as well be the same as being caught looking up the best cheater website. Even if she is not familiar with role playing in general, the interaction is going to raise red flags.

On top of that, it can be incredibly easy to get carried away in a role play yourself. Don’t assume that just because you can typically tell the difference between in character and out of character chatter that your thoughts and feelings are following suit. It is actually fairly common to get really attached to partners you’ve been working with either for quite some time or simply involving characters or a plot line you are fairly invested in anyway. If your girlfriend or wife is showing concern towards the situation, don’t write her off, even if you are pretty sure the worry is just a misunderstanding. Always try to walk through the confusion worry she is showing to find out which part in particular is really bothering her and then address it specifically to allay her fears.

Are You Spending More Time with Your RP Partner Than with Her?

“It is time to rethink about your relationship”

This can be a sign that you may be more invested in your relationship with your role play partner than your romantic one. Unlike the straight forward method of searching a site like for a fling to have on the side, you may have been having a fling for a while already and simply be unaware of it. In fact, most people are going to have difficulty detaching themselves from a close friend, but especially role playing partners for the sake of a new romantic relationship. In this case it comes off the same as spending time with your best friend who also happens to be a girl and not realizing that it’s more than the time you spend with your actual girlfriend just because you’re so used to doing it. The point is to look at it from the perspective of someone new to you. Anyone who sees a man and a woman hanging out all the time together, no matter the context, is probably going to assume some sort of romantic relationship, so be prepared to objectively determine if that is the case here or not.

How Cam Sites Make Their Money and Best Practices for Dealing with Them

“Cam girls only receive 60 to 80% money for performing”

When it comes to rating webcam sex sites, one of the most popular ways of comparing them is their pricing models. If you are new to cams, however, it can be a little confusing to figure out what someone’s talking about women keep referencing things that you have never seen or done before. Also, been able to understand how these websites expect to make their money can help ensure that you are not spending too much of it. As always, there is a give and take. However, knowing what is involved in all cases, is typically going to get you farther than just taking someone else’s word for how things work and whether or not something is a deal. With all of that in mind, take a long look at our followingexplanations in order to make the most out of whatever site you happen to like.

The Subscription, Recurring Fees, and Multiple Websites

“You’ll have to pay the subscription fee”

Any cam site, or any porn site in general, is going to use one of three pricing models in most cases. If anything gets more complex than what we describe here, you should generally assume it is trying to scam you out of your money, and move on to something else. The primary methods for money collection are the subscription, directly tipping, or purchasing tokens. While the first two are self-explanatory, keep in mind that the third can apply to either by just adding an intermediary currency to the transaction.

In this case, we’re talking about the subscription, or recurring fees model. The basic idea here is to get you to sign up for something that will charge you either monthly, three times a year, or some other variation of this. The entire point is to get you to put in your credit card, so that you will be charged recurrently and not have to worry about whether or not you have any money in your account, or if your account is up to date or not. One important thing to keep in mind here is that just because they are taking your credit information and intend to charge you periodically is not mean they are necessarily the devil. In fact, if you spend enough time on the sites that rate various live webcam sex sites, we think you’ll find that, as a general rule, those that have some sort of established pricing model which they can expect a steady stream of money from, are generally going to produce better content overall. Of course, there are exceptions, and there are quite a few websites that operate on tips to do just as well, it is simply that having is that your cash flow enables them to produce more quality contents more often in general.

All of that having been said, of course, there will always be something that you need to look out for no matter what pricing model is being used. One thing in particular that you want to keep in mind is making sure to read through all of the fine print at the beginning, middle, or and of any subscription agreement you may consent to. This is because one of the most common ways that websites can scan you is to make you pay for more than one site at once, or make it exceedingly difficult to cancel your subscription, or both. The former happens far more often with porn sites, however given that many porn sites are often have cam sites as well, it’s important to remember that just signing up for one of them, especially if it’s only three trial option, is more than likely going to sign you up for many of them. If this happens, it is very difficult to get your money back, and in many cases you end up having to prevent them from charging a further three your credit card company. This can result in a much higher initial payment than you expect, but also in further payments down the road.

Buying Tokens and Bidding for Her Time

“You’ll have to buy tokens to tip her”

As mentioned before, one of the most common ways to make purchases on these sites also involves a token system. A token system is comprised of any sort of currency that is only good on their website much in the same way that digital currencies are used in video games. Keep in mind, that most of the ratings for webcam sex sites use this as a particularly solid method of comparison between many of them, thus you can find that the higher rated sites are generally have a better conversion rate than the others.

Of course, just looking for the right can cipher you probably didn’t her thoughts of having to make currency comparisons on the fly, and we don’t blame you. However if you intend to get the most for your money, it’s really best to figure out how much it’s going to cost you in your native currency for your favorite sex acts in general. Most of the time, you can figure this out just by entering the public chat of a woman whose performance you think you will enjoy, and just asking her price out what it is you want her to do. Of course you don’t need to do this in an overtly professional way, you can always have a little fun with it and see how open she is to your requests in the first place. This converter answer back from however many tokens it is to your native currency, ask a couple different sites, and you will quickly have your answer.

When it comes to the ways in which websites can really screw you over using the system, it really comes down to the fact that they are using it in the first place. There’s a psychological aspect to charge people by site-based tokens in comparison to straight up cash transactions. If you know something is going to cost $50 versus 20 tokens, you’re more than likely going to go for something that costs 20 tokens you benefit cost you $50 to purchase the first place. To what it comes to making sure you are not spending too much money on something you should be able to get other places, your best bet is to just keep up with the conversion rates.

Advertising and the Benefits of Paying to Never See It

“These pop up ads are a revenue generation method for the website”

Lastly, you have the websites that are more or less free aside from provisions you can make your in there, mostly due to the fact that the runoff of advertising revenue. These are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand you don’t have to pay for anything, and can generally enjoy free content, however having to deal with annoying ads is well annoying. Of course, many of these free websites that last on advertising revenue also provide a way in which you can remove the ads. You can see these types of websites when you are searching for European cam girls. To know more, visit and read webcam sex site online reviews. Most of the European cam sites use Ad revenue model to generate income and they offer subscriptions that you have to purchase in order to remove ads. Sometimes this account is a one-time payment, and sometimes it is a recurring subscription. Whatever the case may be, it’s generally annoyance level of these ads that ultimately decides whether or not the purchases worth it to you, so just try it for a couple of days.

Gifts that Don’t Require Shelf Space

Giving a gift can be hard enough, but finding something that isn’t going to take up space in a small apartment, can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. When it comes down to it, though, a little gift goes a long way, and remembering to give her something occasionally, even for no reason at all, is a good way to keep in her good graces. The more things to positively relate to you, after all, the better the chance to get on her good side to begin with and stay there after you hookup. As for giving gifts to the space challenged, or those who just don’t like clutter, well, there are always options.

The Basics Come in Handy: Flowers and Food

“Giving flowers is a good idea”

Whether you ended up on the best casual dating website money could buy, or poked around on one of the myriad of online gift giving guides, the chances that you were advised on how and when to give flowers, chocolate, and similar things are pretty high. While this might seem like a predictable way to start any gift giving guide, keep in mind one very important thing: they are impermanent gifts. That means even if she has to slide something over in the fridge, or dig a vase out of the cupboard, these aren’t things she will have to house for forever. They come with an expiration date. That means she does not have to feel bad about pushing them aside or tossing them away when she has no more room or wants to move them over for something else.

Food and flowers are staples for a reason, anyway. They are easily customizable and easily replaced. If you mess up once, it isn’t something costly, and it isn’t something she necessarily has to deal with at all or even just then. In fact, it is very likely that she is going to appreciate the fact that you gave something a try in the first place. Even better is that most gifts of flowers and food do not start out all that expensive, and while the thought is much more easily appreciated in cases like this, she won’t feel bad having to get rid of something that does not work for her if it has an expiration date in the first place. Likewise, you don’t have to worry over a major investment in time or money since something small will get the point across most of the time, and if it doesn’t work, you can easily move on to something else instead. It isn’t very often this kind of win/win situation crops up in dating, so take advantage of it while you can.

Digital Alternatives to Typical Gifts

“Gift her a video game that she likes and play along”

Just like offers an alternative to the word of mouth labor to find a erotic playmate, so too can you find digital options for other types of presents. While the idea of the gift card is not very new, the advent of the Internet has allowed people to really branch out and show a bit more personalization than previous. That means buying her some points in her favorite video game, or getting her credit on her favorite website for ordering clothes, merchandise, or whatever she happens to be into, is not only acceptable, but considered a mostly positive experience for both the giver and the receiver. This is because focusing your money on something you know she enjoys already shows you know her likes and dislikes well enough that you didn’t settle for something more generic. Meanwhile, giving her control over exactly what she ends up with is thoughtful and thrifty. Especially these days, the latter is considered a very good trait to have.

Some other things you might consider aside from helping her to purchase physical items are the intangible things such as subscriptions that she has to routinely pay anyway. If she plays a video game, or watches television online, or enjoys watching streams on sites with subscription options, consider picking up the tab for a couple of months as a gift. When it comes to spending money on something she puts her heart and soul into, a little charity donation in her name is another good alternative she would surely appreciate. Especially for women invested in those sorts of things to begin with. Something to offset the cost of the best casual dating website is a good start.

An Event or Trip

“Plan a trip and surprise her”

Along the lines of the intangible items that do not need space on a shelf or in a closet, however, consider going to an event or on a trip as a possible gift as well. You can’t replace an experience, after all. Taking her to see her favorite band in concert, or to a local theatre group, or springing for a week in her favorite city are all things she will appreciate far more than another trinket to sit on the mantle, or necklace to shove into a jewelry cabinet. Finding the right event is no different than the effort it took to narrow down the best casual dating website it took to find her. In fact, it can often times be much easier. Why is that? Most of the time, they will have been talking about something like this for a while already. The key lies in just paying attention in the first place.

Most people have a place they want to go, thing they want to do, or performance they want to see and just talking with them for a while is all it takes to find out what that might be. Now, she may not come out and say that she has always wanted to see a Broadway musical up close, or that her favorite video game has a professional league that has matches a short plane ride away. Instead, you will find her glued to reviews and youtube clips of the shows, or streaming the matches whenever she can watch the teams play. So keep in mind that, in this case, listening involves more than just hearing her talk about something. It also involves listening to her actions. See what she does, what she enjoys and what she anticipates and you really can’t go wrong here. You can get some pointers from dating sites as well. But don’t forget to check the sex dating site rating and read the popular dating site review first. You don’t want to end up on a cheap hookup site with abysmal reviews and dating tips.

Constant Accessories

“Small gifts like broaches and pins are good too”

Lastly, you have the option of finding her something she might permanently affix to clothing, bags, or herself. While this does not completely avoid the matter of space, it does significantly reduce it. This goes for anything from a pin for her bag to the cost of a tattoo, or a makeover. Whatever it is you choose will ultimately depend on her and her preferences for these sorts of things. However, there is usually something in this category that is going to appeal no matter what she likes. In the case of paraphernalia and fan merchandise, you can more or less snatch up whatever you think she will like and roll with that. It is when you get to the rest of the options that you might incur a little more thought. Not everyone wants a tattoo or piercing, but the right girl will think that’s one hell of a gift, so whatever the case, just make sure to check with her first.

Finding Your Best Look for Dating Site Profiles

“Take a selfie”

Sometimes, it can feel like finding the best website for meeting women was the easy part, and we can’t say you are that far off from the truth. For the most part, looking up reviews, and poking around on free trials is a lot easier than actually figuring out what you are going to put up on once you get there. A lot of people go through the process on the fly, coming up with everything as they go and relying on old pictures or those quickly taken in the bathroom mirror to get them the hot date they want. The thing is, even women who most selfies as their profile pictures are making the effort elsewhere to appeal in a certain fashion to get the mean they really want. Knowing the same tricks for yourself will go a long way towards getting the response you really want.

Intent is the Name of the Game

“Take the best profile picture”

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for the right photo or considering taking a new one for any given site is what your intent is for that site. Are you looking for a good lay, or someone to date for a while? Are you on a site that caters to specific kinks, or something a little broader? The answers to all of these questions are going to help determine the sort of photo you should be using in your profile. Don’t take a professional picture for a hook up site, and don’t bare all on a website trying to help you find your soul mate. Know your intent, and that of your potential audience first. Once you know that, you can move forward.

There are two major groups to consider when dating online: casual sex and actual relationships. Whether or not the two mix is irrelevant to finding the proper profile picture for you and the site you are on. Even the best website for meeting women is going to vary based on which of those two categories you fall into when looking for it. Most importantly, what the woman expects to find on any of these sites is going to vary significantly. When it comes to casual sex, well, they are just as interested in what they are getting as we are and showing some skin is more or less expected. How you go about that is going to depend on who you want to appeal to. On the other hand, taking your shirt off for an actual dating site is going to cause some dissonance for the women poking around there. Most women will see that more as an overtly sexual gesture and may bypass such a picture of someone they feel would be more interested in the other aspects of any possible relationship that might form.

Sex Appeal and What Women Want

“Your profile picture should be oozing with sex appeal”

Now, if you have decided that is the site for you and really just want to find some women to fool around with, then sex appeal it is. Knowing what she’s going to look for not just in a man but about you to make her want to sleep with you may seem like an impossible task, but we promise you can nail this down. First of all, a site like this is going to be more general and as such, if you have a kink you are really looking for, the profile is really the place you want to put it out there. All the women in the world won’t really replace the one or two that can really get it done in the bedroom. What we mean buy this is, simply, if you enjoy rope play, you have a prop for your picture. If you specifically want a femdom, adding a collar might be a good idea. The key is adding subtle but noticeable references in the picture itself in order to appeal to the right women.

This is more than just props, however, this sort of thing also defines stance and how you use the space in your photo. For casual sex sites, a little less light is okay, so long as everything important can still be seen. If you have good muscle tone, you really want to show it off. Women go nuts for a guy with definition. Angling the camera diagonally down and across the torso so that one shoulder is near the top of the picture and your crotch near the bottom will help capture the definition in detail worthy of her interest. The same tactic may be harder to pull off for those of us not blessed with the genes or time to create that sort of definition and for that group, keeping a shirt half on can be just as appealing. If you aren’t sure how to stand, take a walk down the romance isle at your local bookstore, or sneak a peek at the section on the more popular ones online and you will be greeted with an endless supply of options to choose from.

Putting Together a Dating Look

“Look your best”

Looking around the best website for meeting women in an online dating situation presents a different picture. When you are checking review and thinking about meeting women, you need to prepare yourself for anything. Instead of appealing straight to the sex drive, you want to look dateable. That can mean charming, interesting, quirky, athletic, really whatever about you that you like to show off a little. That is fine, of course, but ultimately it has to be crafted to meet her expectations, not yours. That means if you have a favorite show that you really want her to be interested in too, consider a t-shirt with something recognizable from it emblazoned on the front. Same thing for a sports team you are particularly devoted too. What it also means is figuring out what female fans of those things might like in a guy. Women who like hockey, for example, are generally going to have different preferences in men than those who spend half their time looking for tickets to the newest Broadway show and a way of getting there to see it. Knowing who you are trying to appeal to is half the battle.

Once you know what the girl you really want to get with is more than likely looking for a in a guy, you have to reflect that trait in your posing, the kind of photo you use, and how much effort you ultimately put into it. For example, if you like artistic women, you may want to consider having your picture taken by a professional who can supply different outfits or suggestions to bring with, along with a host of poses and better lighting than most of us can manage on our own. Bonus points if you can find a woman to do this, as you will be working with the type of professional you are looking to attract. If you want someone who enjoys sports, consider an in game or at least in motion shot. If you like running, take a picture in your running shoes. If you like soccer, try to find one of you in a match. Looking uptown and sleek in a suit, meanwhile, appeals to her aesthetics and adds an element of power and prestige.

The Power of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a powerful thing and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t end in adolescence. Adults are able to and do positively influence each other in many ways throughout their lives. Every aspect of a person’s life is susceptible to peer pressure throughout their entire life. Some people are more prone to be susceptible to peer pressure than others. Some people may susceptible under certain conditions, while others are not. Per pressure has a negative connotation, regardless of the age of the people experiencing it, but it isn’t always a negative thing. In many instance, it can be a great way to motivate someone.

Adult Peer Pressure is Powerful

My grandfather once told me a story about his trip to Tokyo as a young soldier. Being from Detroit, Michigan he was used to big city environments and the litter, pollution and debris that is found on city streets. In Tokyo, however, the streets shined. No cigarette butts littered the streets, no discarded magazines lay on park benches, no chairs in disarray around caf tables. It was then he noticed that he himself was taking more care in how he treated the city as well. He would have felt conspicuous and rather like a jerk if he’d carried on as he would have at home. Peer pressure at its finest, ladies and gentleman, and it’s a powerful thing.

Use Peer Pressure to Find an Affair

“Go for an affair – live a little”

This is something most people would not have though is possible but; It is possible to find an affair using a teensy bit of peer pressure. We all know affairs happen. Some people have the strong belief that an affair can save and/or make stronger a relationship. Find Out How While we all know it happens, not everyone feels comfortable talking about it. Not even people previously involved in an affair will always like to talk about it. Peer pressure can be used to find an affair by gently initiating friends and coworkers into your line of thinking. Or, if one of your peers already has something going on the down low, they may try and convince you it is ok for you to go out and find an affair as well. Most of the time the reason they do this is because they feel bad about it and the thought of others also doing it lessen the blow to their conscience. In the process they start to feel better about what they are up to.

Discover New Interests

“Try something different”

You don’t lose your need to fit in as you grow older. People of every caliber have a certain group they long to fit into. It may be their coworkers, neighbors or even family. A slight bit of peer pressure from family and friends can open up new doors for you. Imagine being at a trendy new restaurant with a group of friends all eating Calamari, a dish you’ve hated sine your teen years. They all prod you to try a bite as they oh and ah over the delicacy. Each time you refuse, they repeatedly tell you what you’re missing and eventually you feel like a bit of an outcast. That’s when you think, “Hey, what’s the worst that could happen? Heck, I was a kid the last time I tried this stuff.” So you try it. Either you like it or you don’t but the point is, you’ve succumbed to peer pressure and it wasn’t so bad, especially if you liked it.

You Can Become a Swinger

“Don’t be shy – indulge in swinging”

Sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing and point you to something you would otherwise never consider to try. Become a swinger with a bit of peer pressure. People who enjoy swinging swear it’s a marriage saver. They tout the benefits of sexual freedom and rave about the benefits it has in their relationship. Learn More about the swing lifestyle and why it is so popular among your peers. Confidently and clearly explaining your ideas about becoming a swinger to your wife or another couple may be all it takes for them to join in. Use well-meaning and open peer pressure to become a swinger. Explain how you’ve benefitted and how other people can too. Dropping little hints is a perfect way to use the power of peer pressure.
As you can see, peer pressure is a powerful thing. It can be used both positively and negatively. Being forceful or pushy will produce negative feeling about your topic. Negative peer pressure is akin to bullying and that pertains to any age, adults as well. Always put the other person’s best interest first when attempting to persuade anyone of anything. Having an open mind and transparent agenda will take you a long way toward your goal. The most important thing to keep in mind is that words have power. Use them wisely, for everyone’s benefit.

A Guide to the Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung phones gained worldwide attention since the release of the Samsung Galaxy series. After Samsung Galaxy S3 comes the S4 with a lot of advanced features you can’t get in the previous model released. But just before you get overwhelmed with the all these Samsung hype, remember that all gadgets have their own drawback.

Be a learned customer and know what you are about to buy. Samsung Galaxy S4 could be a great smartphone to have in terms of style and functionality, but that does not mean that it’s perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S4

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4


  • Removable battery

This is perhaps the best feature any practical smartphone user likes. It givesn an opportunity to manually shut down the power in case the phone freezes or hangs. Moreover, it can accommodate accessories and makes it easier to remove and replace the covers.

  • Contains a newer version of Android

Android is becoming a preferred OS by many smartphone users. It has flexibility in all types of phones and can accommodate a lot of app installation. The S4 has the latest version of Android, which is the 4.2.2. This will allow the user to install more apps and enjoy additional features previous Android OS models don’t have.

  • Multi Window

This may be the highlight of the S4. The multi window feature allows the user to have a split screen mode wherein you can view 2 apps at once. For instance, you can check your email while browsing Facebook without closing one of the tabs. The feature has also been used in Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • Airview

Airview is the ability to view a content or page without touching the screen. You just need to hover the apps and you’re ready to view or use them. However, if not comfortable with such feature, you can always switch to touch screen mode.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 review


  • Smaller internal storage of 16 GB

Most smart phones have more than 20 GB of internal memory storage, but the S4 has less than that. The purpose of having a Micro SD card slot is to allow the user to have more files stored, but this is already unlikely for a smartphone.

  • Design

While it’s lighter and thinner, the plastic design makes it less premium than its competitors. On the other hand, plastic based designs are with manufacturing advantage since plastic don’t heat up as fast as metal does. Batteries and other internal pieces of the S4 is safe from too much heat.

  • Price

Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently priced at more or less $500. This is comparably more expensive than HTC and Sony Experia.


Samsung Galaxy S4 is perfect for anyone who would like to experience an upgraded version of the Galaxy series. If you are a businessman or student, the phone’s features are perfect for you. Since many features are added and more activities can be done with the phone, it is expected to have a higher price compared to most of its competitors.

5 Reasons to Take Jealousy Positively

Jealousy is warranted in every relationship – whether you have a clean or a bad record with a past flame. We can’t help but feel jealous when our partner is out with other people and having a fun time. Sure, it’s okay to be jealous when they’re out with somebody else when they can spend the time with you, but maybe getting jelly isn’t such a bad thing after all?

Though jealousy can play tricks on our heads and make us do things that could ruin the relationship – there are a few reasons it’s okay to be. Here are 5 of those reasons:

1. Partner Cheated and Given a Second Chance

Having cheated the first time might have been unintentional, but doing it for the second time? C’mon! That has to be a choice. When a partner cheats, it takes time to bring back the trust. If your partner is starting to act the way he or she did that time the cheating happened – then it wouldn’t hurt to ask questions about what your partner’s been up to. If things get a little more suspicious – you just might catch your partner cheating again.

Haters make us Famous

Haters make us Famous

2. When He or She is All Work

It’s not fair when he or she comes home and falls asleep on a perfect night to do something fun and sweet. You have needs too and your partner needs to understand that. When your partner’s been workaholic lately – it’s time to work those charms like a jealous little kid. Your partner got into this relationship with you – that means spending reasonable time together.

3. When Exes Come In the Scene

Exes spell trouble even if they say they just want to be friends. It’s quite fine to be jealous because it’s not easy to take in that fact this person your partner is hanging out with – used to be your partner’s lust – er, love.

Haters make us Famous

Haters make us Famous

4. Spends More Time with Friends

Sure, your partner can spend all the time he or she wants with his or her friends, but if your partner is spending too much time with them rather than spending time with you – go get jealous right now. If you don’t talk about this earlier, you will face problems later on because of this unhandled conflict.

5. Guys or Gals Hitting On Your Partner

You just don’t stand there and not do anything about this. When someone is being really nice, sweet, and clingy to your partner – this could spell trouble. It’s okay to be jealous. Tell your partner that this is not making you feel comfortable and it has to stop. This gesture will also assure your partner the precious value you’re giving your relationship.

Even if jealousy is hard to manage – we have to learn to get jealous at the right time for the right reasons because if you let jealousy go up to your head, you might do things that will not be helpful in furthering your relationship. Always think first and see if you’re getting jealous for the right reasons.

5 Carbs Substitution Ways to Change Your Diet

Getting your carb intake lower than you normally have is sometimes the solution to lose weight or get your sugar levels down because you are diabetic. Although it is not the only source of calories, cutting carbs would mean cutting calories and lower sugar levels. Below are better options, thus, substitutions to lower your carb intake.

1. Think of fiber as your friend

Fiber is good for your body. It is what most people lack especially since more and more fast food chains sprout as grass everywhere trying to lure everyone to the good taste of what is considered harmful to your body. Since fast food items are often addicting, it is almost impossible not to eat more than enough when you have started eating. Go for raw vegetables instead of bread.

2. Go for colored (brown, red, black) and unpolished rice instead of white

If you eat rice, choose any of the colored ones because the white variety has nothing to give nutritionally that is why you tend to eat more. With the colored variety, you tend to eat less, thus, less carb intake.

salad - Low Carb diet

salad – Low Carb diet

3. Use banana to sweeten your shakes

Fruit shake stands seem to have popped up in every corner in the hope of selling a more nutritious drink but the sugar that is included only negates the purpose and can even be more harmful than friendly to your body. Make your own shake instead and use the natural sweetness of the banana to give your shake palatable appeal.

4. Opt for dark chocolates

Everyone wants to eat chocolate. It gives a good feeling. Instead of eating just any kind of chocolate, opt for the dark variety which has the least sugar. Dark chocolate has also been found to be good for the heart especially for aging people.



5. Choose your finger foods wisely

Finger foods are the fastest to eat, hence the many shelves of ready-to-eat processed foods and fast food chains selling burgers and fries. When you eat them, you only load your body with too much carbs. Learn to eat super fruits like bananas, apples and soursop, raw vegetables like carrot sticks, cucumber, turnips, etc., and raw nuts where you can get micronutrients. With micronutrients in your system, your body will hunger less because it is really full.

Cutting carb intake is important to people who have the habit of storing a full stock every time he or she eats. The result, sadly, leads to health danger like obesity and diabetes. It may be difficult at first to switch to the carb substitution but the good that it will do to your body will make the journey easier and more worthwhile.

Surviving Divorce by Rebuilding Finances and Emotions

Divorce is bound to occur unexpectedly even in the most romantic relationship given a single instance of irreversible consequences. It brings about a chaotic period of financial and emotional stress that can go on for a long time. It is noted that divorce is a personal setback that can render excessive debts or even bankruptcy. Understanding techniques and behavior that rebuilds the wreckage greatly contributes to survival. In some cases, it makes you stronger and in a better position than you were before the divorce.

Strategies to Rebuild Credit and Finances after Divorce

Finances, credit rating, and emotional well-being are mostly affected when divorce happens and it is an overwhelming task to rebuild them.

  • Do not let guilt and shame get the best of you: Your relationship may be a failure but you are not. Do not get disappointed in yourself because beating yourself up will only make matters worse. Giving in to negative emotions is harmful as it prevents a positive forward movement. Things just happen sometimes.

Rebuilding Life and Finances After Surviving A Divorce

Rebuilding Life and Finances After Surviving A Divorce

Get your mind back to the right disposition in order to be more disciplined, better educated, and able to learn life’s lessons. Make peace with your past. Let it go or stumble in self-pity.

  • Reflect and Regroup: Soul searching once the dust settles gets you to a healthy emotional situation and regrets about choices made are experienced in lesser frequency. In your reflections, ask the following questions and your honest answers will help in the betterment of your financial afterlife.

  • “How did I end up here?”

  • “What could have I done differently?”

  • “What lessons have I gained from this?”

  • Prepare a reasonable monetary plan: Divorce calls for vigilant financing and sticking to a budget is a serious business. With a spending plan, cash flow management is a breeze and unnecessary debts are avoided. You understand budgeting if you do not just live within means but rather below it in order to provide savings margin. Put a halt to luxury until you are in a secured financial position. Even a lucrative business setup is not a security especially if children are in your custody and they are yet growing kids.

Rebuilding Life and Finances After Surviving A Divorce

Rebuilding Life and Finances After Surviving A Divorce

Emergency fund must also be included in the budget. Missing out on unexpected occurrences derail even what has been a smooth flowing budget. Paying current bills on time is a priority as well as repayment of past bills.

  • Obtain secured credit card: This provides a disciplinary measure while your credit standing is being rebuild at the same time. Responsible borrowers get to upgrade credit limits without additional deposit in some banks or in some cases may even convert to traditional credit card. Few secured card caveats include high fees, call charges, and no reporting to credit bureaus.

  • Seek the services of a certified financial planner: You may find it unaffordable or unnecessary but it is of prime importance to meet up with an adviser at least once. There are often issues neglected by a lay person that a professional who knows the job will consider in the frontline.

Strategies to Rebuild Life after Divorce

  • Mourn the lost lifestyle even if divorce was your idea.

  • Jot down and write emotional struggles away.

  • Lean on friends to prevent stupid actions.

  • Get professional support for a useful outline.

  • Reinvent yourself so that you are whole again.

  • Make new single friends for a totally different social pool.

  • Get wise on financial management.

  • Start dating and celebrate being single

Determining Whether to Divorce or Not To

  • Can you save the marriage?

  • What is driving you?

  • Are you willing to split everything?

  • What is your net worth?

  • Do you need legal consultation?

  • Are you aware of state laws on divorce?

  • Can you rely on support payments?

  • Is there a need for a certified financial planner?

  • Should you keep or sell the family home?

  • Do you have a strong support network?

Do not live on divorce exile. Make it enormously rewarding by proper strategies and a commitment to rebuild finances and emotions. Rebound from the challenges and protect yourself from distress. Let financial odds banish with the stigma of divorce.

Top 5 Most Powerful Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, there are many tricks of the trade that will take many years to learn. Although some people take the longer road and choose to learn from their own mistakes over time by trial and error, smart entrepreneurs want to save time and achieve faster results by learning from the experience of other highly successful entrepreneurs.

So here are the top 5 amazing books that every new entrepreneur should read to develop the essential skills necessary to start and grow a successful business.

The Top 5 Most Powerful Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

1. Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

Although an old classic, this book is still hands down the most powerful guide to help you develop the right mindset in order to achieve financial and business success. You will discover the essence of how to attract whatever you want into your life – whether you are just starting out in the business world, or you would like to expand your success exponentially.

4 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

4 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

2. Think Like a Champion, by Donald Trump

This book is a game changer when it comes to showing you the secrets to developing a big mindset and setting your goals high. When we look back in the history of mankind, there are certain traits that all successful achievers have in common – whether they are Olympic gold medalists, disabled people who amazed the world with their accomplishments, self-made millionaires, leaders of the nations, and many others.

In this book, Donald Trump shares the common traits that all these champions have in common. And the good news is, these traits and habits are possible model and learn from – by every single one of us. So you can find the necessary steps and inspirations in this book which is a must-read for every aspiring entrepreneur.

3. A Whack on the Side of the Head, by Roger von Oech

It is a fact that we live in such a competitive world today that 90% of all business starting up are doomed to fail – unless they bring something new to the table. Whether your business is about interior design, information products, software, digital gadgets or any other field, you can certainly agree that one of your main challenges is winning the competition and attracting more customers.

26 books every entrepreneur should read for business success

26 books every entrepreneur should read for business success

So using the amazing and entertaining techniques shared in this book, you can develop a brand new mindset when it comes to creative thinking and finding innovative product ideas and marketing strategies.

4. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki

When it comes to the science of wealth, there are certain lessons and habits that successful entrepreneurs all tend to follow – whether after learning them consciously or perhaps sub-consciously based on the right upbringings from their family.

In this best-selling book, Robert Kiyosaki shares these important traits that determine your financial success or failure. Since being an entrepreneur means taking the lead in your own financial life, it is now important more than ever to develop the right habits that lead you towards your business goals.

5. The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss

Have you ever notices how some entrepreneurs seem to work all the time, day after day, without seeing any significant success in their business. Some managers or business owners are simply a slave to their work, and they don’t realize that acquiring wealth can be easily done by investing the minimum time with maximum results. In this interesting book, Timothy Ferriss shares how he spends only 4 hours per week and makes over $40,000 per month.

So by reading the above helpful books and discovering the powerful secrets from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, you can simply learn from their lifetime experiences to save time and achieve exponential success in your own business.