A Guide to the Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung phones gained worldwide attention since the release of the Samsung Galaxy series. After Samsung Galaxy S3 comes the S4 with a lot of advanced features you can’t get in the previous model released. But just before you get overwhelmed with the all these Samsung hype, remember that all gadgets have their own drawback.

Be a learned customer and know what you are about to buy. Samsung Galaxy S4 could be a great smartphone to have in terms of style and functionality, but that does not mean that it’s perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S4

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4

How to root the Samsung Galaxy S4


  • Removable battery

This is perhaps the best feature any practical smartphone user likes. It givesn an opportunity to manually shut down the power in case the phone freezes or hangs. Moreover, it can accommodate accessories and makes it easier to remove and replace the covers.

  • Contains a newer version of Android

Android is becoming a preferred OS by many smartphone users. It has flexibility in all types of phones and can accommodate a lot of app installation. The S4 has the latest version of Android, which is the 4.2.2. This will allow the user to install more apps and enjoy additional features previous Android OS models don’t have.

  • Multi Window

This may be the highlight of the S4. The multi window feature allows the user to have a split screen mode wherein you can view 2 apps at once. For instance, you can check your email while browsing Facebook without closing one of the tabs. The feature has also been used in Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • Airview

Airview is the ability to view a content or page without touching the screen. You just need to hover the apps and you’re ready to view or use them. However, if not comfortable with such feature, you can always switch to touch screen mode.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 review


  • Smaller internal storage of 16 GB

Most smart phones have more than 20 GB of internal memory storage, but the S4 has less than that. The purpose of having a Micro SD card slot is to allow the user to have more files stored, but this is already unlikely for a smartphone.

  • Design

While it’s lighter and thinner, the plastic design makes it less premium than its competitors. On the other hand, plastic based designs are with manufacturing advantage since plastic don’t heat up as fast as metal does. Batteries and other internal pieces of the S4 is safe from too much heat.

  • Price

Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently priced at more or less $500. This is comparably more expensive than HTC and Sony Experia.


Samsung Galaxy S4 is perfect for anyone who would like to experience an upgraded version of the Galaxy series. If you are a businessman or student, the phone’s features are perfect for you. Since many features are added and more activities can be done with the phone, it is expected to have a higher price compared to most of its competitors.

5 Reasons to Take Jealousy Positively

Jealousy is warranted in every relationship – whether you have a clean or a bad record with a past flame. We can’t help but feel jealous when our partner is out with other people and having a fun time. Sure, it’s okay to be jealous when they’re out with somebody else when they can spend the time with you, but maybe getting jelly isn’t such a bad thing after all?

Though jealousy can play tricks on our heads and make us do things that could ruin the relationship – there are a few reasons it’s okay to be. Here are 5 of those reasons:

1. Partner Cheated and Given a Second Chance

Having cheated the first time might have been unintentional, but doing it for the second time? C’mon! That has to be a choice. When a partner cheats, it takes time to bring back the trust. If your partner is starting to act the way he or she did that time the cheating happened – then it wouldn’t hurt to ask questions about what your partner’s been up to. If things get a little more suspicious – you just might catch your partner cheating again.

Haters make us Famous

Haters make us Famous

2. When He or She is All Work

It’s not fair when he or she comes home and falls asleep on a perfect night to do something fun and sweet. You have needs too and your partner needs to understand that. When your partner’s been workaholic lately – it’s time to work those charms like a jealous little kid. Your partner got into this relationship with you – that means spending reasonable time together.

3. When Exes Come In the Scene

Exes spell trouble even if they say they just want to be friends. It’s quite fine to be jealous because it’s not easy to take in that fact this person your partner is hanging out with – used to be your partner’s lust – er, love.

Haters make us Famous

Haters make us Famous

4. Spends More Time with Friends

Sure, your partner can spend all the time he or she wants with his or her friends, but if your partner is spending too much time with them rather than spending time with you – go get jealous right now. If you don’t talk about this earlier, you will face problems later on because of this unhandled conflict.

5. Guys or Gals Hitting On Your Partner

You just don’t stand there and not do anything about this. When someone is being really nice, sweet, and clingy to your partner – this could spell trouble. It’s okay to be jealous. Tell your partner that this is not making you feel comfortable and it has to stop. This gesture will also assure your partner the precious value you’re giving your relationship.

Even if jealousy is hard to manage – we have to learn to get jealous at the right time for the right reasons because if you let jealousy go up to your head, you might do things that will not be helpful in furthering your relationship. Always think first and see if you’re getting jealous for the right reasons.

5 Carbs Substitution Ways to Change Your Diet

Getting your carb intake lower than you normally have is sometimes the solution to lose weight or get your sugar levels down because you are diabetic. Although it is not the only source of calories, cutting carbs would mean cutting calories and lower sugar levels. Below are better options, thus, substitutions to lower your carb intake.

1. Think of fiber as your friend

Fiber is good for your body. It is what most people lack especially since more and more fast food chains sprout as grass everywhere trying to lure everyone to the good taste of what is considered harmful to your body. Since fast food items are often addicting, it is almost impossible not to eat more than enough when you have started eating. Go for raw vegetables instead of bread.

2. Go for colored (brown, red, black) and unpolished rice instead of white

If you eat rice, choose any of the colored ones because the white variety has nothing to give nutritionally that is why you tend to eat more. With the colored variety, you tend to eat less, thus, less carb intake.

salad - Low Carb diet

salad – Low Carb diet

3. Use banana to sweeten your shakes

Fruit shake stands seem to have popped up in every corner in the hope of selling a more nutritious drink but the sugar that is included only negates the purpose and can even be more harmful than friendly to your body. Make your own shake instead and use the natural sweetness of the banana to give your shake palatable appeal.

4. Opt for dark chocolates

Everyone wants to eat chocolate. It gives a good feeling. Instead of eating just any kind of chocolate, opt for the dark variety which has the least sugar. Dark chocolate has also been found to be good for the heart especially for aging people.



5. Choose your finger foods wisely

Finger foods are the fastest to eat, hence the many shelves of ready-to-eat processed foods and fast food chains selling burgers and fries. When you eat them, you only load your body with too much carbs. Learn to eat super fruits like bananas, apples and soursop, raw vegetables like carrot sticks, cucumber, turnips, etc., and raw nuts where you can get micronutrients. With micronutrients in your system, your body will hunger less because it is really full.

Cutting carb intake is important to people who have the habit of storing a full stock every time he or she eats. The result, sadly, leads to health danger like obesity and diabetes. It may be difficult at first to switch to the carb substitution but the good that it will do to your body will make the journey easier and more worthwhile.

Surviving Divorce by Rebuilding Finances and Emotions

Divorce is bound to occur unexpectedly even in the most romantic relationship given a single instance of irreversible consequences. It brings about a chaotic period of financial and emotional stress that can go on for a long time. It is noted that divorce is a personal setback that can render excessive debts or even bankruptcy. Understanding techniques and behavior that rebuilds the wreckage greatly contributes to survival. In some cases, it makes you stronger and in a better position than you were before the divorce.

Strategies to Rebuild Credit and Finances after Divorce

Finances, credit rating, and emotional well-being are mostly affected when divorce happens and it is an overwhelming task to rebuild them.

  • Do not let guilt and shame get the best of you: Your relationship may be a failure but you are not. Do not get disappointed in yourself because beating yourself up will only make matters worse. Giving in to negative emotions is harmful as it prevents a positive forward movement. Things just happen sometimes.

Rebuilding Life and Finances After Surviving A Divorce

Rebuilding Life and Finances After Surviving A Divorce

Get your mind back to the right disposition in order to be more disciplined, better educated, and able to learn life’s lessons. Make peace with your past. Let it go or stumble in self-pity.

  • Reflect and Regroup: Soul searching once the dust settles gets you to a healthy emotional situation and regrets about choices made are experienced in lesser frequency. In your reflections, ask the following questions and your honest answers will help in the betterment of your financial afterlife.

  • “How did I end up here?”

  • “What could have I done differently?”

  • “What lessons have I gained from this?”

  • Prepare a reasonable monetary plan: Divorce calls for vigilant financing and sticking to a budget is a serious business. With a spending plan, cash flow management is a breeze and unnecessary debts are avoided. You understand budgeting if you do not just live within means but rather below it in order to provide savings margin. Put a halt to luxury until you are in a secured financial position. Even a lucrative business setup is not a security especially if children are in your custody and they are yet growing kids.

Rebuilding Life and Finances After Surviving A Divorce

Rebuilding Life and Finances After Surviving A Divorce

Emergency fund must also be included in the budget. Missing out on unexpected occurrences derail even what has been a smooth flowing budget. Paying current bills on time is a priority as well as repayment of past bills.

  • Obtain secured credit card: This provides a disciplinary measure while your credit standing is being rebuild at the same time. Responsible borrowers get to upgrade credit limits without additional deposit in some banks or in some cases may even convert to traditional credit card. Few secured card caveats include high fees, call charges, and no reporting to credit bureaus.

  • Seek the services of a certified financial planner: You may find it unaffordable or unnecessary but it is of prime importance to meet up with an adviser at least once. There are often issues neglected by a lay person that a professional who knows the job will consider in the frontline.

Strategies to Rebuild Life after Divorce

  • Mourn the lost lifestyle even if divorce was your idea.

  • Jot down and write emotional struggles away.

  • Lean on friends to prevent stupid actions.

  • Get professional support for a useful outline.

  • Reinvent yourself so that you are whole again.

  • Make new single friends for a totally different social pool.

  • Get wise on financial management.

  • Start dating and celebrate being single

Determining Whether to Divorce or Not To

  • Can you save the marriage?

  • What is driving you?

  • Are you willing to split everything?

  • What is your net worth?

  • Do you need legal consultation?

  • Are you aware of state laws on divorce?

  • Can you rely on support payments?

  • Is there a need for a certified financial planner?

  • Should you keep or sell the family home?

  • Do you have a strong support network?

Do not live on divorce exile. Make it enormously rewarding by proper strategies and a commitment to rebuild finances and emotions. Rebound from the challenges and protect yourself from distress. Let financial odds banish with the stigma of divorce.

Top 5 Most Powerful Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, there are many tricks of the trade that will take many years to learn. Although some people take the longer road and choose to learn from their own mistakes over time by trial and error, smart entrepreneurs want to save time and achieve faster results by learning from the experience of other highly successful entrepreneurs.

So here are the top 5 amazing books that every new entrepreneur should read to develop the essential skills necessary to start and grow a successful business.

The Top 5 Most Powerful Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

1. Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

Although an old classic, this book is still hands down the most powerful guide to help you develop the right mindset in order to achieve financial and business success. You will discover the essence of how to attract whatever you want into your life – whether you are just starting out in the business world, or you would like to expand your success exponentially.

4 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

4 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

2. Think Like a Champion, by Donald Trump

This book is a game changer when it comes to showing you the secrets to developing a big mindset and setting your goals high. When we look back in the history of mankind, there are certain traits that all successful achievers have in common – whether they are Olympic gold medalists, disabled people who amazed the world with their accomplishments, self-made millionaires, leaders of the nations, and many others.

In this book, Donald Trump shares the common traits that all these champions have in common. And the good news is, these traits and habits are possible model and learn from – by every single one of us. So you can find the necessary steps and inspirations in this book which is a must-read for every aspiring entrepreneur.

3. A Whack on the Side of the Head, by Roger von Oech

It is a fact that we live in such a competitive world today that 90% of all business starting up are doomed to fail – unless they bring something new to the table. Whether your business is about interior design, information products, software, digital gadgets or any other field, you can certainly agree that one of your main challenges is winning the competition and attracting more customers.

26 books every entrepreneur should read for business success

26 books every entrepreneur should read for business success

So using the amazing and entertaining techniques shared in this book, you can develop a brand new mindset when it comes to creative thinking and finding innovative product ideas and marketing strategies.

4. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki

When it comes to the science of wealth, there are certain lessons and habits that successful entrepreneurs all tend to follow – whether after learning them consciously or perhaps sub-consciously based on the right upbringings from their family.

In this best-selling book, Robert Kiyosaki shares these important traits that determine your financial success or failure. Since being an entrepreneur means taking the lead in your own financial life, it is now important more than ever to develop the right habits that lead you towards your business goals.

5. The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss

Have you ever notices how some entrepreneurs seem to work all the time, day after day, without seeing any significant success in their business. Some managers or business owners are simply a slave to their work, and they don’t realize that acquiring wealth can be easily done by investing the minimum time with maximum results. In this interesting book, Timothy Ferriss shares how he spends only 4 hours per week and makes over $40,000 per month.

So by reading the above helpful books and discovering the powerful secrets from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, you can simply learn from their lifetime experiences to save time and achieve exponential success in your own business.